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Construction Company Ltd .: raising wages with cost reduction

We structured and implemented operational planning which allowed our client reducing payroll taxes by 25% ,as well as granting their engineers raises of over 25% in their wages. The structure created also allowed the development of a new line of business.


Our client operates in the field of steel construction, conducting great projects throughout the national territory. It has clients like Petrobras, Vale and ThyssenKrupp, among others, and is one of the 20 largest construction companies in Brazil.

We were hired to develop operational plans that would allow the company to reduce payroll taxes. Among the measures adopted, the highlight was a new method of hiring engineers that led to savings of 25% of the payroll by reducing taxes, eliminating labour contingencies and creating a new line of business.

This plan was extended to other clients from the construction industry. If your business operates in any industry that can be organised as a company with a single specialisation – engineers, architects, doctors, accountants, etc. – contact us to check the tax savings you can make.