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Holding S.A.: fastest IPO in the history of Brazilian SEC

We prepare our client to conduct its IPO. We conducted a corporate reorganisation, rehabilitation of contingencies and acquisition of businesses in order to increase their valuation. We conducted the process of going public with the contracted banks, law firms, audits and we obtained the registration of the offer before Brazilian SEC in record time.


Our client, Holding S.A., was a holding of various companies in the insurance industry, owned by an investment fund. In recent years, the company had experienced rapid growth, more than doubling its revenues by acquiring competitors.

The purpose of Holding S.A. was to conduct its initial public offering (IPO). For that, there was a need to undertake a corporate reorganisation, mapping and treatment of tax and labour contingencies, and re-doing the accounting and tax records for all companies in the last five years.

The whole process started in July 2007 and needed to be finalised by the end of that year, due to deterioration of market conditions that could prevent the IPO.

In order to get the job done, we hired and coordinated the work of two auditing firms, four law firms and two other accounting and tax consultancy firms.

During this period, we still drove the acquisition of four more competitors in order to increase the valuation of the company.

We succeeded and Holding S.A. held its IPO in December 2007, the last of that year. The process of bid registration before the Brazilian Securities Commission – CVM – was completed in record time.


If your company will go through a process of sale, IPO, or any other structured finance transaction, please contact us for a diagnosis of the processes and contingencies, thus avoiding the loss of value when performing these operations..